Tradesman Saver: UK’s Best PLI Provider

If you’re a self-employed worker, you have to make sure that your Public Liability Insurance fits your business needs. Though it is not a requirement to have a self-employed insurance, consider it as an investment because it will provide your business and yourself a protection on any damage that you might cause on a person’s property or maybe an injury that your business can incur to a person.

At Tradesman Saver, you know that you are protected. Because of the rise in technology these days, everything is available online. This is the same with the cover for Self Employed in UK. With just a few clicks, you are assured that Tradesman Saver got you and your business covered.

The Coverage

A Public Liability Insurance (PLI), the self employed insurance, will offer you the protection that you need if in any case, a third party will make a claim against you for any accidental damage that you may have caused to them or their property. This is the type of insurance that is preferred by most businesses such as wedding planners, photographers, carpenters, tradesmen, and so much more. This type of insurance also covers you for any legal dispute that may require legal fees for defending the case, the repair-related damage costs, compensation costs for the affected party.

  • Factors to consider: Your business type, the popularity of your business, the turnover, number of employees.

Important of PLI to Your Business   

Since you work on a self-employed basis, it is expected that you will be interacting with the members of the public. Whether it’s them who comes to you, or vice versa, it cannot be avoided that one way or another, you might be liable for any damage or injury to your clients. If your client puts the blame on you and your business. You can avoid the top compensation claims if you have public liability insurance from Tradesman Saver.

Individualized Premium for you PLI

The premium you have to pay may differ from what others are being charged for their premiums. This is because the premium for public liability insurance will depend on a lot of factors. Usually, the insurers will assess the size of your business, how involved you will be with the public, the cover that you will need, as well as the level of risk that your business will be caused before you are given a quote.

Tradesman Saver Covers

Upon setting up your Public Liability Insurance with Tradesman Saver, you will be given an option to choose the cover that would suit your business needs. The company offers a minimum of £1,000,000 cover for a self-employed PLI policy. This should be more than enough for a small-sized business. There are also optional addition covers like the employer’s liability insurance for the people that work for you.

Running a business can bring a lot of pressure on you. Especially for inevitable accidents where maybe you are at fault or not. The court process, the fees, and compensation that you will be charged would be a big problem that you might face everytime this happens. Tradesman Saver can handle all of this for you. All you need to do is focus on your business and let the company cover everything for you.


Learn the conditions of the insurance company by a professional expert

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Combines insurance for different discounts

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