Running a Safe Distribution Center Requires Attention in a Few Key Areas

Anyone who is familiar with warehouse management knows that towering stacks toppling on top of each other in a domino effect is more common than we might wish. In addition to the financial losses, employees get injured in distribution centers quite frequently because of unsafe work environments. To help minimize and even prevent accidents from occurring in a distribution center, it is mandatory to take certain important steps in a few key areas, which we will now discuss in brief.

Making Sure that the Floor is Level

The old saying about everything needing a strong foundationhas never been truer because ensuring that the floor of the warehouse is perfectly level is of extreme importance. Uneven floors increase the risk of stacks falling over for obvious reasons, but building subsidence is a common occurrence in distribution centers, especially the older ones that have housed heavy merchandise for years, giving way to depressions in the floor.

The key to solving this common and dangerous problem with warehouse floors lies in concrete slab lifting. The polyurethane structural foam which Cormix uses in its deep injection technique is superior to the traditional cementing technique and lasts a lot longer as well. In addition to realigning the floor and filling gaps underneath, the expanding polymer also strengthens the base of the warehouse, right down to the soil lying beneath the structure. As a result, the distribution center becomes capable of holding even heavier loads without caving in, for many years to come.

Drug and Alcohol Policies

Large distribution centers can be dangerous places to work in and, therefore, safety depends greatly on how lucid the workers are. It goes without saying that there needs to be a strict no drugs and alcohol policy in effect during workhours, but those policies also need to be implemented in the most effective manner possible. Physical examinations for determining compliance with the policies should be conducted regularly but introduce surprise drug and alcohol tests every so often as well. The fear of being caught with drug or alcohol in their systems will keep them sober during work hours, ensuring a safe distribution work environment for everyone. Also, enforce the safety regulations by ensuring severe disciplinary actions against willful violations, via fines, demotions, pay cuts and, in extreme situations, dismissals as well.

Adequate Training

Forklift operators in Thailand often get seriously injured or worse because very few of them know how to operate a forklift properly. On top of that, the new models are a lot different in handling and control than the older ones, requiring even veteran operators to learn about the changes first. To prevent forklift-related accidents, invest in training your operators properly and exclusively for the models which they will be operating.

Awareness Programs

Ensuring distribution center safety ultimately comes down to awareness, realization and consequent steps to correct what can be corrected. Employee awareness, in particular, is extremely important and needs to be an ongoing operation. Conduct detailed seminars where experts explain how easy it is to make severe mistakes by being ignorant or neglectful of the basic safety measures.

Although distribution center accidents cannot be prevented with 100% accuracy all the time, especially in giant distribution centers that run huge, multifaceted operations, by paying heed to what we just discussed, they can definitely be reduced.

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