How To Choose the Right Pardot Consultant

If you are looking to hire a Pardot consultant, then you already know it could be one giant step for your business towards seeing massive success in marketing and sales, but choosing that consultant can be a tricky job, especially when you are not an expert in marketing automation yourself. It isn’t that difficult though, once you know what to look for. Next, we are going to discuss some of those key factors that you need to consider while trying to hire the right Pardot consultant.

Look for Experience Relevant to the Project

Experience in Pardot is not generally applicable, which means that just because someone has experience with B2B automation it doesn’t necessarily mean that experience is useful to your project. Look for a consultant who has specific knowledge and experience regarding the kind of projects that you would require them to work with. Relevance is the keyword here and not just experience or qualifications in general. The more projects of a similar nature the consultant has handled before, the more relevant their experience should be to your business’s needs.

Check their Reputation with the Previous Clients

So, you have found a Pardot consultant who has the relevant experience, which is a great start but not something that immediately guarantees the consultant will do a good job for your company when hired. Sure, they might have relevant experience, but was that experience fruitful for their clients?

The only way to know for sure is to ask the clients or look for online reviews. An honest and successful Pardot consultant will be happy to point you towards their previous clients and their reviews, while an unsuccessful one might shrink when you ask for references.

Call up their previous clients or send them an email asking if your seemingly perfect consultant is actually as effective in practice. If they did manage to produce results for their previous clients, they will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. If the experience wasn’t good and they feel that the consultant wasn’t able to produce the results expected, they will have even more reason to use this opportunity as a way to vent their dissatisfaction.

Ask Them to Prove Their Abilities

Every experienced and well-reputed Pardot consultant will have sufficient work samples to prove their abilities, and if they cannot produce the evidence of effective Pardot marketing campaigns conducted by them, then they are most likely a bad fit. In fact, client testimonials play a big role here too, because reputation is to a certain degree, proof of ability as well.

Now that we have discussed the most important factors which should influence your decision in hiring a Pardot consultant, it is time to address the elephant in the room, which is the price of their service.

To put it simply, experienced experts of the Pardot B2B marketing automation solution won’t work for free. The cheap ones, on the other hand, will not qualify on the criterion we just discussed. As adequate Pardot management and usage is a complicated affair that can be immensely productive in boosting sales, it is highly recommended that you consider the price as an investment, rather than an expenditure.

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