Why Many Businesses Are Utilising Virtual Office Solutions

Working from remote locations has afforded businesses the opportunity slash costs from a runaway budget. By allowing employees to find and fund their own workspaces, the overhead for many businesses is drastically reduced. As a business owner, you can pour the money back into your business and your employees love you for letting them manage their own work schedules.

Even though you pretty much are managing a business in virtual reality, good business practice dictates that meeting with employees and other business interests once in a while promotes cohesiveness and productivity in the workplace. For this reason, the virtual office allows for businesses to run effectively in a flexible virtual reality. The virtual office is a workable solution for many businesses for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take a look at the many reasons why businesses prefer the virtual office to more conventional office spaces.


A major plus that comes from working out of a virtual office relates to being provided with a physical address and dedicated phone number in some of the more affluent areas in Hong Kong. Because of the high rents in these areas, it does not prove cost-effective for a business to lease space in a Hong Kong’s CBD, especially if only meeting in the office a few times a week or month. The virtual office plan allows you to convey to the public a very professional image by providing you with the use of space in some of the more prestigious business districts. Check out Servcorp Virtual Office Hong Kong to learn more about this office’s prestigious locations. 


Businesses like they can use office space, conference rooms and boardrooms that are included as a part of a nominal fee, as opposed to having to rent out an entire space. Many of the virtual office contracts provide professionals with the use of all of the amenities that you would find with conventional office leasing, but because you do not spend as much time in the office, your monthly overhead is drastically lowered by thousands of dollars every year. 

World-Class Amenities 

In a city such as Hong Kong, having access to professional grade office equipment and world-class IT services as a part of the virtual office is another reason businesses love this office plan. In addition to these amenities, most virtual offices have support staff (receptionists) that can answer calls during business hours and an answering service in off hours. Add this to the fact businesses have 24-hour access to the facilities, and the virtual office is a remote-working office dream.


For the businesses whose professionals work on the go, being able to find suitable office space in any location is definitely a plus for the remote worker. Some of the larger companies provide transferable leases, in addition to the ability to reserve space in other locations if having to travel. This ease of mobility allows for businesses to use facilities in global locations with a few days’ notice.


Because leasing is so flexible, businesses can expand or minimise depending on their need. As stated previously, larger leasing companies can easily modify your lease. For a fledgeling business experiencing a significant growth spurt, leasing companies can place you in a serviced office or an executive suite that provides you with the needed space for your expansion efforts.

Providing The Working Nomad Virtual Office Solutions 

Businesses love the virtual office format because, among a number of its benefits, the plans are extremely flexible and inexpensive. Virtual office leasing provides remote workers with the ability to move fluidly in an international setting that often demands they act quickly. More importantly, the virtual office provides remote workers with a home base and a foundation from which to grow.

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