Why Hire Property Hand Over Services Provider

A property hand over is basically a process in order to formalize the sale of the property. There are a ton of things that need to be done for this especially since you’re getting a property overseas. And just when you thought that getting a property in your own country is tasking, wait till you try the property hand over process and you will just realize that it’s really tasking, but its worth it.

If you aren’t able to do it yourself in person for various reasons, then you can always hire a property hand over services company to take care of that for you. It’s not going to be easy still, but it does help make things easier for you, especially that you’re not in UAE yet to complete what is required from you. With a place that is as progressive as Dubai, you won’t have a hard time finding a good one.

What do they do anyway? A property hand over services provider offers a wide array of services. Below you can find their primary functions which are actually a lot.

  • Conducts a pre-inspection of the premises;
  • Draws up the tenancy contract, gather the documents, which are needed for leasing
  • Collects the payments rentals (including the upfront one).
  • In the move-in day:
  • Conducts final checking of the contents of the property, its condition and draws out the inventory documents needed
  • Collecting keys, access cards, and various means to access the premise
  • Manages the process for the check-in and even the process for the checkout
  • Hands out the house rules and guidelines like proper handling of various household appliances, garbage segregation, garbage disposal and even identifying the patrolling street officers’ names and other necessary information.
  • Makes a property hand over the report

Services are the same but the quality varies: Almost all property hand over services offerings are the same. It has always been the same, the only difference is how these service providers are able to add more value to their services by making their services more efficient, better customer service, competitive pricing and even offering other services that will add value to the hand over process.

Why hire one? You don’t need to hire one because there’s no law that tells you that if you don’t hire these service providers that you’re screwed. But if you don’t avail their services and you don’t have a clue as to how you go about the hand over services, then you’re screwed. And besides these service providers are able to offer you more and will help your transition easy.

You have to understand that each country has their own respective process when it comes to property purchase and leasing. It’s not always easy especially if you are a foreigner and Dubai isn’t an exception. Luckily there are services that can be offered to you so that you don’t have to read all about the property laws in Dubai and make the purchase possible with less of a headache. If you’re looking for a good one, visit BSO Real Estate Management.

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