What does one need to look for a review?

Intending to buy something new or try something new? What’s the first thing that we do – “google” about that product/service and there come a huge number of options, adding further to the dilemma? So the next step, check what the reviews have to say and shortlist based on what works well. Now, rises the most important question – what needs to be looked for in a review? Review connection is one such website which gives you honest feedback about products

Today, with the advancement in technology and everyone is running a rat race. Almost everything can be bought online. Hence, when we think of buying a product/service, we no longer want to leave the comforts of our homes to check the actual product and get a better idea of the product, before buying it. Instead, we just go online and check the reviews. Based on these reviews, we decide whether to buy the product or not. However, while checking the reviews it’s not only about the number of reviews or just the rating that the product has received. It has to be a combination of both where we check the amount of people who have reviewed the product along with the overall rating for the product. Along with this, we also need to read reviews posted on Review connection and understand what pros/cons the person is referring to. Sometimes what also happens is that –the review is more based on the personal experience of the person and something that has been faced by that individual only. For example, suppose one person bought a product through an online website, which has low credulity and received damaged or missing goods. He/she most probably would mention this while posting the review.

What does one need to look for a review

In addition to him/her, there could be 5 more people who bought the product through another website or other modes of purchase and they didn’t face any issue. Hence, this is what we need to consider while going through the reviews. Further going through multiple websites for reviews on the same product would be advisable. This would tell us the consistency of the products and the reviews. There is barely a 10-15% variation in the reviews across websites for the same product. While checking the reviews also ensures that the reviews you base your decision on are written by people who have used/tried the product. Today anybody and everybody can post over the internet and there are individuals who would write a review just for the sake of writing it without actually buying/trying the product.

In short, before you buy any product ensure that you go through the ratings and genuine reviews about the product and understand what suits your requirement and what doesn’t. Every product / brand might not meet all your requirements. However, choose the product that suits your requirement the best.

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