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Transact Your Business Securely With Ipsidy

Money exchange in our society has been continuing since the first we realized that humans are more than a caveman. The earlier transaction did not involve money but the principle behind it was the same as it is today, that is there is no free lunch in this world if you need something you gotta pay for it. As the human civilization progressed so did the methods of transacting business. We went from barter system to gold and silver coins and then to fiat money that is used today. But along with it today we also have the online transfers and pay for anything that can be bought in the market. Some have gone even beyond this and has adopted the crycptocurrency as a mode of payment. With all these accessibility options there is an added risk of theft and fraud with the transaction of digital money.

Mobile wallets and digital cards are the order of the day; online payments have given the user the ease of transacting while sitting on the couch at home. But you also need protection from all the vulnerabilities and risks involved with it, this security is provided to by Ipsidy. At the core of Ipsidy is securing the users’ digital transactions and allowing a multi-faceted authentication in conducting them. Moreover, they also ensure that the users have a legitimate history of all the transaction conducted in the past. At you can find out about the possibilities of using Ipsidy in your transactions.


Security in transaction offered by Ipsidy:

  1. For big financial houses, Ipsidy can offer a robust accounting and programs to successfully integrate the security measures into the system. Security is the only major threat that entails the digital transaction world and to curb this, the financial institutions can easily integrate their system with Ipsidy to conduct the business of digital issuance of cards and other bank-related
  2. Mobile wallets are the most trending mode of payment today; Ipsidy can save your digital cards in its database and allow you to use it only after fulfilling the secure methods of access provided by IdLock, a service offered by Ipsidy.
  3. With the Ipsidy wallets, you can turn your phones to a POS which allows easy acceptance of merchant payments from customers and you can also transact with the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) and OR reading ability.
  4. The business and retail owners can now send promotional messages to all those mobiles which are integrated with Ipsidy. Whenever the user comes in proximity of the store or the organization Ipsidy with the help of Bluetooth will send a promotional on their e-Wallet installed on the person’s phone. You can request a demo for your organization at

In the future e-Wallets will be the most popular method of transaction, therefore the security methods should also be at par with it. Still, most of the people do not use this method to transact their daily business, citing the reason of security. Ipsidy can take away all the worries of security risks in transacting through mobile wallets and provide a secure method of conducting your business.

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