The Many Benefits of OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, it is a system designed to improve your productivity and analyse your production lines, so you know when and where to make vital adjustments. There are numerous good reasons to use OEE systems, it is an essential tool for helping to continually improve your business and its operational procedures.


One great way of measuring your ROI (Return on Investment) is to use OEE systems, in most industries, business owners must invest a considerable amount of money on equipment and machinery to help their business run more effectively. When you spend such vast sums of money, you want to be able to see whether it was worth it, using an OEE system allows you to evaluate your operational procedures, it helps to maintain maximum productivity, so you receive a maximum return on your investments.

Increased Efficiency

use OEE systems

To make your business more competitive, you need to use OEE packages to monitor, assess, and evaluate your operational system. To ensure your company is highly competitive within the market, you need software which helps to reduce production losses and improves output. Take for example your production line output percentage, if it is capable of processing 500 items per day, but is only pushing out 450, the OEE will recognise this problem and highlight the issue. You’ll then be able to address what is wrong with the production line and quickly resolve the problem. Rapid identification helps to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Performance Analysis

If you invested a large sum of money on your machinery, you’ll want to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment. There is no point in having state of the art machinery which isn’t producing satisfactory output, having OEE systems in place means the performance of your machines will increase substantially, it will support your engineers in monitoring production lines and analysing performance levels. OEE can be applied to new equipment to guarantee it is integrated properly into the system, it can also be implemented to boost the output of existing machinery, in turn improving overall performance.

Greater Product Quality

Using OEE systems allows companies to improve traceability, defective products cost businesses a lot of money in lost revenue, so having a system in place which helps to identify issues in the production line is excellent for improving product quality. Continually having problems with your production line can cause major setbacks, if these setbacks all build up, they can lead to a major economic crisis. If you encounter a decline in product quality, OEE systems will help your engineers identify the problem and improve production procedures so you don’t come across the same problem twice. OEE software can work for both single and multiple production lines, making it very flexible and resourceful.

OEE is essential for any business hoping to move forward in their chosen industry, it is a system which helps to identify production line issues and it supports engineers in resolving these problems. There are several great reasons to implement OEE systems, it improves production line output leading to increased profitability and efficiency.

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