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The Downside of Missing Important Business Calls

Missing a personal phone call is completely different to missing a business call. A customer or client who tries to contact you in relation to one of your services is far more likely to contact one of your competitors if they can’t reach you. Even if they’ve been a loyal client, they may still use another business if you are unreachable. Some calls require immediate attention, if they are missed, you miss out on potential sales.

Negative Impact

Loss of Revenue > When you fail to answer important business calls, you ultimately lose out on revenue. If you’re too busy to take calls or you just don’t have enough staff members available, you potentially miss out of additional revenue which can cause your business all kinds of problems. Employing extra staff members can be costly, you’ll have to set up interviews and the whole process can be time consuming. One of the best solutions for your business is to consider call answering services, they’ll answer your phone when you’re unobtainable, meaning you won’t lose out to your competitors.

Loss of Clients > Successful business owners know that making first impressions is one of the most important part of their operations. Clients who have trouble reaching your company or are left waiting for long periods to speak to a representative tend to get disillusioned with your service. If they are treated to substandard customer care on a regular basis, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere, this also applies to lifelong customers. You may think that loyal customers will never leave, but if they are regularly exposed to lengthy waiting periods or busy dial tones, they could just as easily change their service provider.

organise short term cover for your business whilst on holiday this summer

Assessing Missed Business Calls

If you don’t organise short term cover for your business whilst on holiday this summer, or you fail to consider employees going on maternity leave or vacation, your company will suffer substantially in terms of sales and customer satisfaction levels. There are 3 possible scenarios when a client calls your business.

Scenario 1: A customer will call your business and wait until someone picks up the phone, if this takes too long or no one is there to answer, they’ll hang up.

Scenario 2: A client is transferred to your company’s voicemail service, they can then decide to leave a message or not.

Scenario 3: There aren’t enough employees to answer the phones and their call is put in a queue. If this takes too long they’ll generally hang up.

All the above may seem harmless, but each one can have a considerable impact upon your business. If customers don’t feel valued, they’ll bring their business elsewhere.

Neglecting your standard of customer service can be disastrous when it comes to business. Even something as simple as leaving customers or potential clients waiting on the phone for long periods can have considerable negative effects. You’re likely to lose a lot of money by missing important business calls and not having your company covered by virtual assistants.

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