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Easy-to-follow guidelines to help you get the best TV package

Looking for the best package but haven’t found it yet? After reading this article, you will!

The digital TV industry is constantly bombarding us with new and exciting offers on the go. So, viewers are now in a position to not just ask for multiple options when it comes to consuming their favourite sports, movies, and serials, but they also get to customise their own packages. You like what you like, and you if you want it available for a reasonable price then you certainly have the right to demand it.

But, with all these multiple sweet deals in the market, most of us are faced with a different kind of problem sifting through them. This process can get a bit confusing and overwhelming when it comes to channel selections, availability, and pricing options.

So, to help you comb through your options and find the best DTH offers, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you find the best DTH offers that will catch your eye without compromising on your viewing experience.

What should you consider when buying or upgrading a TV package?

To get the best DTH offers, be very clear about which channels and shows you like to watch. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you want dedicated channels, so you can watch premium sports or film content? Are you only interested in watching specific TV shows? Or do you simply want a good selection of channels that show a wide range of programmes? Or are you just interested in upgrading your box? How much do you want to spend?

Remember that costs vary between packages and between providers, and costs can start to soar as you add extras. So, before you find the best DTH offers that suit you, sit down and work out exactly what you want. Airtel digital TV offers customers a fair number of packages and exciting deals to enjoy the best DTH offers without costing a bomb. You can get the Infinity Annual Pack with a 31% discount and all HD and SD channels for one year at Rs.5,801.

While it can be great to have plenty of choices, it makes no sense to pay for channels you’re never going to watch. In other words, try to match up what you want with what’s on offer. Even if your needs are basic, you will be able to find a basic package that works well for you.

Should you upgrade your box?

If you intend to or are considering upgrading your box from SD to HD because you own anHD flat panel TV, then it makes perfect sense to opt for Airtel Digital TV, which allows you to upgrade your SD box to an HD box for Rs. 599. This price includes both delivery and installation charges. Also, if you choose this package, you receive 30 free HD channels for 60 days, free interactive services for a month, and a recording facility free for three months. You can also get a new HD connection from Airtel Digital TV for Rs. 1,490. This deal also offers customers 284 channels and 50 free HD channels.

Quick and Easy Recharges

Most service providers offer customers the option to recharge their DTH accounts, so they can continue to enjoy a seamless TV experience. So, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to recharge on time and disrupting your DTH service.  With Airtel Digital TV, you can now recharge your DTH account by using Airtel Payments Bank and get Rs.50 cashback.

But, keep in mind that it’s all about timing. The best DTH offers come and go, so if you see one you like, grab it while you can.

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