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Common Mistakes When Picking A Moving Company

Moving from one house to another is not only hectic, chaotic and messy. It can also cost you thousands of dollars if you are not careful. Then comes in a moving company. These people are supposed to make moving easy, smooth and less stressful. However, if you make the wrong choice, things can go wrong very fast. Here is a list of moving mistakes we sincerely wish you will avoid. 

Do not Agree on Anything Verbally

Do not close the deal and get quotes over the phone or via a verbal agreement only. Remember that the only way for any respectable moving company to give you a proper estimate is for an actual person to inspect and do a proper actual inventory of the items you need to move. Get estimates from at least three providers to get your bearings in terms of “fair” pricing. 

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Never Choose a Mover that’s a lowballer

This is actually a case of something that is too good to be true. A mover that quotes a ridiculously low price may actually get it back by cutting corners and that is never any good for you as the customer. The worst thing that can happen is they get away with your stuff or you end up paying more as hidden charges keep piling up.

Never Choose an Unlicensed Moving Company

This just beats everything in the book. Having no license means that they could not be insured and well say goodbye to claiming anything once something goes wrong. That pretty much explains why you should not get an unlicensed moving company. Check out their license number on their website and their physical office, or ask around from your family and friends if ever they can recommend anyone they might know for the move. Lacking this, put in an hour of research online so you can look up groups in social media or online forums that have this interest. Chances are you will find a provider here, along with their reviews. If there is anyone who is complaining or giving a compliment it would be here. The time you spend here will be time well spent. Go with reputable companies like st augustine movers, to avoid being hassled and for a smoother transaction.

Always go for Full Disclosure

Let us say you got the right company but failed to disclose all of the items that you want to be moved, or fail to mention that the items are actually at the top of a three-story house with no elevators? This will actually make the move harder and therefore more expensive. Not including key and vital information like this will not go well when the bill comes in. Not telling the mover about this will make the move more expensive.

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