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Building Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards MEES

Since energy is one of the main and generally recognized costs of the construction process, in many countries it has become mandatory to have a certificate of energy efficiency for construction. This certificate helps both builders and buyers as they become more familiar with the project’s energy efficiency. This is the evaluation of the energy and its management in the building. This could be one of the best steps taken by countries around the world to advance in sustainable development. Several countries have adopted regulations on the use of this certificate in relation to environmental problems.

About MEES

MEESconsists of the energy star, an evaluation of its coverage. They are valid for 12 months, so they must be updated periodically without fail. The energy assessmenttalks about the energy efficiency of the building compared to thestandards and the minimum energy efficiency requirements. This rating is 0 to 6 stars, 6 is the best and 0, which shows that the performance is lower than the average, and there is a high probability of improvement. These estimates undoubtedly contribute to improving the energy efficiency of the equipment. There are many accredited appraisers who provide these qualifications, and their experience is not limited only to corporate buildings, but also to houses. The cost of the qualification may vary according to the size and structure of the building. The green star rating scheme also has a similar goal, such as the energy star.


The energy efficiency rating, which is presented in the form of a certificate, shows how the house is isolated and how it saves electricity and gas for heating. Areas for privacy include windows, doors and attic space. The rating also indicates the rating of the house, if improvements are made.


The procedure for the provision of a building energy performance certificate includes a complete revision of the building with respect to its emissions. The energy of the building was determined and revised upon issuance of the certificate. The management and reuse of waste, the amount of greenhouse gases and other toxic gases released, etc., also play an important role in the provision of a certificate. The quality of electrical devices also plays an important role in issuing a certificate, the minimum amount of electrical waste, the better the qualification.


MEES informs everyone if there is a systematic and well-designed energy consumption mechanism in the building or not. This energy efficiency of the building is confirmed by this certificate, so that the interests of the builders, buyers and tenants are not compromised. The building with the best rating will undoubtedly bring the owner the best rent. This led to an increase in the number of applications for a certificate.

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