4 Tips To Follow When Applying For A Job In The Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is one of the most exciting sectors to look for a job. Not only does it guarantee a good paying, long-term job, but you might also get the opportunity to interact with people of diverse culture and backgrounds. And if you are looking for a job in the maritime industry, then do keep the following four tips in mind.

Identify Your Field

The first thing you should do is to identify the field you are interested in and wish to focus your career on. Just because the industry is called ‘maritime’ does not mean that you can take any job within the sector. There will be specializations that you are good at, and there will be specializations in which you won’t perform too well. For example, a maritime job in transportation will be far different from that of a fisheries job even though the latter too will be classified as being a maritime job. So, spend some time and understand which area you wish to focus on by analyzing your strength, weaknesses, and life goals.

Searching For Jobs

When searching for jobs in your preferred field, you have two options – find a job for yourself or get in touch with a recruitment agency. For the first option, you will have to prepare a list of maritime job listing websites and check them regularly. You will also have to prepare a good resume and upload it to the website so that those who posted the job can view your qualifications. Be careful of checking out whether the ads are posted by the companies themselves or by their agents. Only apply to jobs which are posted directly by a company. Now, if you wish to go through a recruitment agency, you should look for shipping and marine recruitment specialists. Since they are focused on maritime industry alone, they will be able to get a good job for you in the field that you are looking for.

Cover Letter

Writing a food good cover letter is crucial when applying for a maritime job. Since the industry is extremely competitive, the only way you are going to get a chance at the job is if your cover letter succeeds in impressing the HR to call you for an interview. Never write the same letter to every single company. Check out what they are looking for in an employee and craft the letter in a way that highlights your skill and expertise in that particular field. For example, if the company is looking for fresh employees in a job that focuses on shipping, be sure to highlight all your skills and experience you have in shipping or related sectors.


The direct interview is the phase which will decide whether you will get the maritime job or not. And one important thing to follow is that – you must look confident. Yes, it is as simple as that. If you appear slightly nervous or unsure of yourself during the interview, then the interviewer might not consider you worthy of the job. But if you can project confidence, then your chances of getting the job gets very high.

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