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Your Business dreams- Made in China!

China is known as the world factory and an entire business model can be built around the products made in China.This country is well known to provide low risk manufacturing solutions to entrepreneurs and provides low risk business solutions to customers who wish to lower cost of production and cost of supply. Outsourcing is a trend that provides customers with pioneering services from their managed service providers with high value. A good sourcing agent is a valuable asset to procurement strategy and help companies’ overseas import from China. Sourcingbro offers strategic solutions to easing production cycles and respond to increased competition pressure, without compromising business objectives.

Global trade: The Borderless business

Global competition, trade agreements between countries affect outsourcing decision. Trading globally is affected by ignorance of the law and can lead to fines, delays and confiscation of goods. These issues can lead a business to its downfall. A sourcing expert can help with

  • Customs brokerage
  • Export Compliance
  • Trade Management

A good sourcing expert can provide robust supplier network and progressive outlook, which makes a difference the right way.

Harnessing Strategic Sourcing

Low cost country sourcing enables business to move supplies from a low cost country, like China to any other country where costs are higher. This helps in minimizing capital investment and maximizes profits. It is important to ensure that the low cost country is truly low cost. This achieved by applying best strategy to gather information for finding the best possible values in the market place by

  • Understanding the tariff and tax structures involved
  • Doing analysis of the real transportation cost
  • Project cost of having directly or indirectly monitor suppliers

Productivity is just Connectivity

It is a competitive world, where carving a niche in business can be tricky and even a slight blunder can cause calamities. In China, there are suppliers, who offer the similar product at a fraction of the price. But fraudulent suppliers do exist who can deliver low quality product, which can break customer trust. Low quality products can lead to business setbacks as they can lower the popularity amongst the general mass.  Connecting best suppliers who can deliver will ensure that the entrepreneurs do not hit the brick wall and lose momentum.

Go East, Young Entrepreneur!

China has a reputation to produce goods at low cost even when the relative cost has increased in recent years. Verified suppliers do not mean that they can deliver high quality products. Doing a background check will ensure the credibility of the supplier. This will only help the business to reap more profit and become successful. Sourcingbro helps entrepreneur to identify the best suppliers, verify the supplier’s reputation and stay closely involved with the activities.

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