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Why Use the Cloud as an Online Solution for HR?

Online cloud software that can efficiently run a Human Resources department is becoming the go-to solution for many firms and institutions across the UK. A lot of companies are doing it, but some things to consider need to be addressed before you hand over the running of your business to the Cloud and its dedicated software.

Consider the type of business you are running and then the size of the workforce. These factors will help you to select the right kind of software when you use a cloud-based online HR software solution.

The sector you are in also matters. Whether it is construction, education, leisure, retail, manufacturing, auto or health, there will be a specific type of software that will fit according to your business.

Just as we can now run price comparison searches when purchasing a loan, car insurance or a new television set, there are tools online that allow you to seek out the cheapest and best online software for HR. Simply set the size of the company (include temporary and permanent staff) and run the comparison

But Why the Cloud?

The Cloud is where your personal data is stored away within the internet. It is secure and available only to those with specific permissions to access it, but it is available to any HR member with the relevant authorizations, regardless of where they are in the country – or even in the world.

In-house HR systems mean that accessing them requires all personnel to physically attend the premises of the workplace. This can be difficult for travelling sales personnel, work-from-home employees and management working out in the field.

The Cloud is secure in that it is no longer tied to just one area of the mainframe within a company premises. So, it is not going to malfunction, become suddenly inaccessible or suffer from data loss: all problems regularly experienced by departments using data in-house just a few years back.

Maintenance costs are therefore very low when using the Cloud as an online HR software solution. Then there is the automatic updates that keep the software automatically compliant. These tend to run by themselves and require zero input from programmers in the IT departments.

The Cloud also provides data security. This is particularly important when the HR department possesses all those names and addresses of employees, together with sensitive bank details.


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