Which is the best tape to print on according to your needs

Custom printed tape has been around for many years. It is a great way to make your shipments stand out and create a great first impression for customers. The box they receive is the first thing they will see when it comes to their door. Even though the actual product is what they have been waiting for, the packaging is just as or even more important.

If done right, customers will even talk about how memorable the unboxing of your package was to their friends and family. This will reinforce your brand in the minds on consumers.

Just think about the millions of packages in transit right now and just how your package can stand out from the rest. Brand awareness is key and if your logo manages to capture the attention of your audience, the investment in custom printed tape is worth it.

There are four different kinds of tape you can purchase for custom print. The most commonly found one is polypropylene. It is the most affordable and gets 80% of jobs done when it comes to all custom printed tape needs. Once this tape is applied, it will bind fairly strongly to the box. Be advised that the more a box is made out of recycled materials, the tougher time it will have to stick.

PVC is another kind of tape that can be custom printed. Since it is made of a natural rubber adhesive and polyvinyl chloride, it is a very expensive option. The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds especially true with this tape. PVC will perform very well even when the surface of boxes are dusty or in varying temperatures. The most common use for PVC is to seal bags of produce and meat. This tape is usually red and is stuck together to close.

Acrylic is mainly used for application in cold temperature environments. The industries that use this kind of tape are mostly likely in the food industry such as meat and frozen foods. Some things to keep in mind about acrylic is it is not possible to print on the surface of the tape. But it is possible to print on the adhesive side of the tape although the ink gets rid of the glue wherever it is applied. Also it sticks best after 24 hours of application.

Gummed tape is another kind that can be used for custom print on packages. The application for this tape is complicated since it needs water to activate the adhesive. Once applied on a box, it will never slip or unbind.

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