Bit coin yes or no? Should you invest in Bit coin? Check out Genesis mining review

Currency digitalization is a new phenomenon in the modern financial world. Well, we know cash transactions and then came the banks which facilitated cashless transactions like cheques by charging a specific percentage for performing a transaction. This brought in a little flexibility in our money dealings. Now, digital money is slowly conquering business. Genesis mining deals with currency mining and offers attractive revenues to miners.

Bit coins are digital currency or rather crypto currency which is self-governed without the intermediation of a third party.  For example, Genesis mining is one of the leading Bit coin mining websites with a good reputation of serving public uncontroversial.  Just like in banks the transactions are entered in o a public ledger called Block chain. Whenever a transaction is done, it is entered in to the ledger with the help of specific software exclusive for the Bit coin companies. Since it is a public ledger every one registered in there will come to know of it. But what makes it secure is the mining that the miners do. New blocks, which signify a transaction has been done, can be added by solving a complex mathematical problem pertaining to the transaction.

Mining is a highly resource intensive process. So it involves large amount of hardware like graphics card, ASIC chip etc and huge amount of electricity to perform mining and proof work. For all this work done by the miners, there is a fixed amount paid to miners just like how banks charge transaction fee and ledger maintenance fee.  The miners have to invest initially with the mined to keep funds flowing. It is this part of Bit coin mining that is attracting many people to invest in crypto currency.

It is one of the sources of internet incomes. There is growing fascination for internet money as one can comfortably earn without commuting to places. There are two ways you can do mining either by joining a leading cloud mining company or by Setting up the required hardware and software at home. The better one would be to choose a reliable cloud mining company which offers genuine services and returns. With this you can avoid noise pollution, setting up of mining hardware, and high electricity costs.

One can conveniently invest in a trust worthy cloud mining company to enjoy great revenues. Only one drawback of this cloud mining company is its business model is still not proven to be legal and there is no guarantee for its sustainability in future. Otherwise, everything seems to be positive and true.

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