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In case if you have always wondered about how the banking system works or how to cash a check or to pass it, you are at the right place. We, at provide answers to all your needs. Though banks have come a long way in helping people meet their daily needs, a large population still remain unaware of the entire banking process. We bet most of you out there still do not know how to cash a check or fill out a challan or to transfer money from one account to another. Though digitalization has marched its way into the banking world, a large number of people still stick to the conventional ways. Before getting into detail about the process of transferring money or to cash a check, it is highly recommended to know what a banking system is.

What is banking?

Banking is that part of a business activity of accepting and protecting money owned by certain individuals or families and then lending out the money to earn some profit. But ever since the introduction of the banking system, the procedures and activities of banks have broadened. The current banking system around the world, besides promising the safety of valuable items (With the help of lockers, ATM services, etc.), extends loan to the individuals. Digitalisation has played a very important role in the banking world. Banks also issue debit and credit cards and enables them to make online transactions and fund transfer to any place in the world just with a click. This said, banks play a major role in our day to day lives and strives hard to keep up the growth of economy. Without banks, a major part of your savings would have piled up idly in your house. The very existence of banks is the only reason why every country’s economy has transformed.

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The articles in the site can help you solve all your problems. The site does not limit itself to articles and write ups regarding banking. It has write ups on almost everything you need to know about credit cards, mortgages and even investing. The dearth of a reputed online source for information regarding common queries regarding day to day usage of credit cards has been solved by this website. Our write ups provide solutions regarding doubts like whether an Authorized User is Responsible for Credit Card Debt. There are also sections where very specific doubts that like the various payment methods at IKEA are discussed.

Similarly, most of you out there have doubts regarding the use of credit cards. Credit cards have come a long way in helping people in a number of ways. Odds are very high that you do not like carrying money with you on the go. This is where the credit card comes in handy. Plastic payments are the need of the hour.To know more details about credit cards and how to use, process and eligible for it, visit


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